ASIC Token Miner

The process of mining PulseBitcoin is easy and accessible to everyone around the globe! No hardware required!

This is a more efficient, smarter, and cleaner way to mine compared to the outdated and dirty Bitcoin mining process.

Welcome to the Future of Bitcoin!

Start Your Miner

Once ASIC has been deposited into the PulseBitcoin Mining Contract it is now hard-locked for 30 days.

Be aware that you CANNOT withdrawal your ASIC Token(s) until at least the 30 day mining period has been completed!

*Once the 30-day mining period is complete, you then have the following 30 days to end the miner (withdrawal) both your ASIC Token(s) and PulseBitcoin (PLSB) from the contract*

Basically, just click the "End Mining" button once the 30 day mining period is completed.



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