What is PulseBitcoin?

PulseBitcoin - The Faster, More Secure, Non-Polluting, Energy Efficient, Highly Scalable, DeFi Compatible; Bitcoin!

Youtube: @TonyCrypto88

  • Fair Launch  (absolutely no special supply allocation). Supply begins at zero and only becomes available 30 days after launch if participant's start mining day 1.
  • 100% Transparent - Open Source Smart Contract(s)
  • Code Security Audit - Certik
  • Known supply parameters (Maximum Supply: 21M Coins)
  • No Unfair Distribution (ALL PulseBitcoin must be mined fairly defined by the Smart Contract)
  • No "Sacrifice Phase" or ICO
  • No Venture Capital (VC) or Special Insider Funding offered!
  • No Admin Keys, No Admin Functions, No Admin Marketing, No Admin Anything. The design of this project is to be not dependent upon any single person(s), especially the "founder" or "creator"!
  • Trustless Design and Operation
  • No Inflation Outside of Defined Mining Rate Parameters as defined in the Smart Contract    
  • No Purchase Tax
  • No Sell Tax
  • No Reflection Fees
  • No Referral Program
  • No Hidden Penalties
  • No Paid Promotors or Marketing, NONE!
  • No Guarantee or Promise of Work by anyone for anything! 
  • No Expectation of future work. effort, or "roadmap", NONE!

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