Reggie the PulseDoge coin

  • Fair Launch & Claimable Airdrop
  • Free Claimed Tokens were only available to be claimed by the Strongest Crypto holders in all of Crypto History - HEX.COM Stakers
  • 100% Transparency - Open Source Smart Contract
  • Limited Supply Available to have been Claimed and Minted
  • No Unfair Distribution to Existing HEX Whales ("HEX Whale Penalty")
  • No Sacrifice Phase or "ICO"
  • No Private or External Funding Received, None!
  • No Admin Keys or Admin Only Functions
  • No Minting/Inflation Outside of Launch Phase
  • No Purchase Tax
  • No Exit Tax
  • No Reflection Fees
  • No Rug
  • No Forced Staking Mechanism
  • No Referral Programs
  • No Paid Promotors or Influencers 

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