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PulseBitcoin And ASIC

Issue #2

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2023.

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Welcome back to the PLSB weekly newsletter with important updates for all community members. Learn about future events, news, accomplishments, plus any current items that need to be addressed.

PulseChain Launch AMA Party!

Are you ready for the PulseChain launch? The PLSB-ASIC chat room will be open on the PulseChain launch day to go over strategies, security, and answer any questions you might have.

Telegram Room:


XEN Giveaways

Last week, Wolverine & the Pulse Bitcoin community successfully reached out to the XEN community, providing them with a 72 hr. giveaway. To qualify for this giveaway, one had to hold Xen & PLSB tokens to be eligible for the prize. 100 winners were randomly selected to win 100 PLSB locked in an NFT for 1,000 days. The total prize was 10,000 PLSB given away. We see this as a net positive for both communities by joining forces and bringing awareness to both crypto ecosystems.

XEN Giveaway #2

XEN Giveaway #2 will require the Xen & PLSB holders to get their creative juices flowing! To qualify for the prize, you will need to make a 20-40 second video to help promote both ecosystems. The prize is eight PLSB NFTs that hold 100 PLSB tokens locked for 1,000 days. Then tag PLSB & Xen community members for maximum exposure. Winners will be selected on 5/6/23 at 5:54 PM EST.

State of the Market

With inflation skyrocketing and banks failing, we are starting to see uncertainty in the air. People are not sure where to put their money because places that we once considered safe are no longer seen in the same light. Times are rapidly changing! It’s important to be your own bank and take personal control of wealth preservation. Your money should be treated with the utmost respect, rather than pump chasing the new flavor of the week. Listen, watch, and learn from some of our community leaders who have successfully made millions in crypto...and stay the course. Be patient, and you will be rewarded.

Calendar of Events


25 Days: May, 27th, 2023

90.15% Halvening 0 Progress

  • Monday onboarding night starts at 8PM EST. PulseBitcoin Telegram voice chat.
  • Tuesday 8PM EST News update, Location
  • PulseBitcoin Telegram voice chat.
  • Wednesday 7:30PM EST Twitter Space hosted by “JB” PulseChristians
  • Saturday 10AM EST PulseBitcoin Live,
  • YouTube Channel. @pulsebitcoin guest isF ancy
  • Saturday 5:54PM EST XEN giveaway winners selected.

Latest PLSB, ASIC, PLSD Updates

  • PLSB Supply 8,044,871
  • Holder Count: 5,946
  • Locked Supply:1,992,360
  • Market CAP: $5,227,653
  • Price: $0.65
  • Global Active Mining Power: 18,924,822
  • Global Active Miner Count: 3,518
  • Global Asic From Transform:
  • 16,917,124.
  • Price: $0.45
  • Holder Count: 12,157
  • Market CAP: $14,505,288
  • Global PLSD Burned: 56%
  • Price: $2.38

Written by RealStakePusha

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