The PulseDogecoin Staking Carnival!

PLSD Carnival"A suite of immutable, audited and trustless smart contracts designed to pump the prices of your favorite tokens, reward PulseDogecoin Stakers and PulseBitcoin Lockers and much much more…"

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Stake PulseDogecoin

Stake your PulseDogecoin along with the whole community for 90 day periods, and earn yield in the form of PulseDogecoin, PulseBitcoin, ASIC and HEX!

Community ASIC Miner

Earn PulseBitcoin by leveraging the power of the ASIC Community Miner and buckle your seatbelts as the pool gets bigger and bigger

NFT Rewards

Lock Up your PulseBitcoin in an NFT and earn CARN Tokens which you'll need to participate in the Carnival

Carnival Lotteries

Try your luck at one of the weekly Lotteries featuring your favorite coins!

The Buy and Burn

Get paid CARN to execute one of the Buy and Burn functions that will pump the prices of your favorite coins.


Will you be the last person standing with a WAATCA NFT in your hand, earning YIELD from EVERY part of the Carnival, in PLSB, ASIC, PLSD, HEX, CARN and USDC?

Tutorials and Whitepaper review coming soon to

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