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In the world of cryptocurrency, the concept of a fair launch has been gaining popularity. This model is a departure from the traditional initial coin offering (ICO) and is meant to promote transparency and fairness in the distribution of new coins. In this article, we'll take a closer look at what a fair launch means and how it can benefit the crypto community.

What is a Fair Launch?

A fair launch is a cryptocurrency launch model that does not involve any special supply allocation. Instead, the supply begins at zero and only becomes available for mining after a set period. In the case of some fair launches, like PulseBitcoin, the supply is only available 30 days after launch if the participant starts mining on day one.

The goal of a fair launch is to ensure that all participants have equal opportunities to acquire new coins, without any unfair advantages given to certain individuals or groups. This is accomplished through the use of open-source smart contracts that are transparent and auditable.

Features of a Fair Launch

One of the most significant features of a fair launch is its transparency. The smart contract used in a fair launch is open-source, meaning that anyone can examine the code and ensure that it is free from any malicious code or vulnerabilities. Additionally, fair launches typically undergo code security audits by reputable third-party firms, such as Certik.

Another key aspect of a fair launch is the absence of unfair distribution. In a fair launch, all coins must be mined fairly, as defined by the smart contract. This means that there is no "sacrifice phase" or ICO, and no venture capital or special insider funding is offered.

Furthermore, fair launches are designed to be trustless, meaning that they do not rely on any single individual or entity to function. There are no admin keys, admin functions, or admin marketing involved. The design of the project is meant to be decentralized and transparent, with no hidden penalties or fees.

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Benefits of a Fair Launch

One of the most significant benefits of a fair launch is that it promotes equality and fairness in the distribution of new coins. With no special supply allocation or insider funding, all participants have an equal chance to acquire new coins. This helps to prevent centralization and promotes decentralization, which is a key principle of cryptocurrency.

Another benefit of a fair launch is that it promotes transparency and trust. By using open-source smart contracts and undergoing code security audits, fair launches demonstrate their commitment to transparency and security. This helps to build trust with the crypto community and ensures that participants can engage with the project without fear of fraud or manipulation.


The concept of a fair launch is gaining popularity in the cryptocurrency world, and for good reason. By promoting transparency, equality, and decentralization, fair launches offer a new model for the distribution of new coins. This can help to build trust with the crypto community and promote the growth and adoption of cryptocurrency as a whole. With its many benefits, the fair launch model is poised to become a key feature of the crypto landscape in the years to come.

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